1. Action (aries)
New beginnings. Start of a new cycle. Activity. Unaffected by others. Short outbursts. Pioneering. Honest.

2. Manifestation (taurus)
Grounding. Persistance. Steadiness. Taking a form. Sensual. Stubborn. Focused. Concentration. Concrete. Practical. Stamina. Slow. Steady. Methodical.

3. Interaction (gemini)
Communication. Make connections. Curious. Figure out. Intelligence. Superficial. Rational. Playful. Seeks novelty.

4. Emotion (cancer)
Emotional bonding. Experiences during infancy. Family. Ancestors. Home. Caring. Needs. Belonging.

5. Expression (leo)
Ego development. Selfexpression. Selfcentred. Arrogant. Artistic. Creative. Integrity. Honorable. Selfassured. Confident. Centre of attention.

6. Function (virgo)
Development of skills. Perfectionism. Adjustment. Embodiment. Improvement. Service. Analysing. Efficient. Functional. Crafts and projects.

7. Reflection (libra)
Relationship. Beyond ego boundaries. Consciousness. Peace. Harmony. Balance. Social awareness. Culture. Art. Beauty. Dialogue.

8. Integration (scorpio)
Transformation. Personal growth. Intense. Brooding. Magnetic. Manipulation. Power. Psyche. Passion. Selfmastery.

9. Vision (sagittarius)
Expansion. Inspiration. Philosophy. Religion. Awareness. Enthusiastic. Generous. Abstract and theoretical ideas. Idealism. Travel.

10. Construction (capricorn)
Society. Efficient. Ambitious. Accomplishments. Reality. Hard facts. Authority. Know the rules and play the game.

11. Invention (aquarius)
Free thinking. Unorthodox. Utopian. Focussed mind. New and unusual ideas. Groups. Progressive. Discovering.

12. Compassion (pisces)
Selfless. Unity. End of cycles. Forming seeds. Mysticism. Lazyness. Victim. Martyr. Escapism. Fantasy. Receptive. Psychic. Sacrifice. Empathy.


  1. We are operating in the field of linguistic, operating with words; to reflect the reality you have to be engaged with any object of reality using any formal approach.

    Other way your meaning of words is your personal experience. I see this as a kind of poetry. It is OK if it is your goal.

    In the beginning of XX century was a group of writers (poets) they contradicted the sound and meaning of words. One from them was Roman Jakobson

  2. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve visited this blog before but after looking
    at some of the articles I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m certainly pleased I came across it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back often!

  3. Dear Ms. Cloosterman,

    I am requesting permission to reprint from the following work:

    Author: Annemieke Cloosterman
    Title of the work: Zodiac: Spirit, Body, Mind, Soul: from website: https://www.mindstructures.com/zodiac/

    I would like to include the above material as part of a book I am writing. Each of your zodiac sign descriptions from your blog will be used in a table at the beginning of each chapter. The table will also include a scripture from Jacob’s blessing to each of his sons, from the Book of Genesis in the Bible. The purpose is to show the similarity between the blessing and zodiac descriptions. Excerpts from the above will also be discussed within the body of the chapter.

    Author: Theo B. Wilson
    Title of work: The Constellations in the Tribes: An Analysis Of The Forgotten Path To Spirituality Based On The Holy Scriptures and Astrology

    Publisher: Shrewd Book Publishing
    Publication date: 12/1/2020

    I would be very grateful for your permission. If you require any additional information, do not hesitate to contact me at the email address above.


    Theo B Wilson (author)

      1. Good afternoon Annemieke,

        Thank you again for allowing me to use your zodiac descriptions. The project is completed and the book is now available. It is called ‘The Twelve Constellations in the Tribes’. Proper credit has been applied.


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