Translations of an Interview with David Bohm

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On this page you can find links to translations (as soon as one is finished) of an interview with David Bohm at the Nils Bohr Institute in Copenhagen in 1989.

It has a link to the whole interview (five videos with the original English transcription on one page) but it also has links to translations of the interview into different languages, starting with Spanish and Dutch.

Both the transcription and the translations are to the best of my understanding at this point. Maybe by working on it, it will get better over time.


Whole Interview

English Part 1

English Part 2

English Part 3

English Part 4

English Part 5



Spanish Part 1

Spanish Part 2

Spanish Part 3

Spanish Part 4

Spanish Part 5



Dutch Part 1

Dutch Part 2

Dutch Part 3

Dutch Part 4

Dutch Part 5



German Part 1

German Part 2

German Part 3

German Part 4

German Part 5



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