Translations of an Interview with David Bohm

On this page you can find links to translations (as soon as one is finished) of an interview with David Bohm at the Nils Bohr Institute in Copenhagen in 1989.

It has a link to the whole interview (five videos with the original English transcription on one page) but it also has links to translations of the interview into different languages, starting with Spanish and Dutch.

Both the transcription and the translations are to the best of my understanding at this point. Maybe by working on it, it will get better over time.


Whole Interview

English Part 1

English Part 2

English Part 3

English Part 4

English Part 5



Spanish Part 1

Spanish Part 2

Spanish Part 3

Spanish Part 4

Spanish Part 5



Dutch Part 1

Dutch Part 2

Dutch Part 3

Dutch Part 4

Dutch Part 5



German Part 1

German Part 2

German Part 3

German Part 4

German Part 5


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    Lastly, we only have to find back to Aristotle’s concept of potentiality.
    It’s what and it works, but it’s not physically stimulating and is homogeneously distributed over the whole body. By this he does not mean what is unique and dominating everything else, but refers to all the dead and alive. Potentially they are everywhere and yet nowhere to be found, they are pure intuition, so to speak, but they can also be active anywhere at any time.
    That sounds very factual, but this is the best, not to be increased analysis of the spiritual. There exists something that is present without compulsion to be a licensed performer and can appear in all kinds of places.
    “The whole is more than its parts.”
    Everyone knows the saying of him, but it also applies to a single part. It is more than just one thing – it is also all-embracing.

    From this knowledge it emerges that we also possess a presence that is ultimately independent of the body.
    From this comes out the spirituality, which gives us the certainty that there is often something better to do than constantly clutching for wealth.
    Lean back and relax comfortably and let your indestructible soul simply dangle.

    In addition to that existential potentiality which can be proved, there is also the message that everything that interferes with what is happening, only because the others make it necessary.
    So we are first and foremost completely independent potentials, but if we want to take action, it is only the others who make it possible for us.
    We are their producers and they are all together our producers. We are mother and child at the same time and the forfeiture of each other brings us to the surface as an effective factor.
    Nature reaches out its hand and pulls itself out of the swamp of unfounded bodyness. So also the supposedly materially effective is also, as we, by mutual agreement, by mutual recognition, as something that has to be reconciled.
    It is not essential whether one teaches oneself pleasant manners in order to be reborn of people who are also pleasant, or whether one is content to stay as pure potentiality without anything. So to speak, without having to lean out in the slightest somewhere.
    The playful way of dealing with Nirvana, sometimes rebirth, sometimes resting in God, sometimes becoming his child. The playful handling of what can be known and what is only hope, namely to reach a happy future. In addition, there is the belief that a good character management can also produce a good karma, which makes you more receptive to come into a peaceful world.
    True spirituality starts with being out of the age of education and acting accordingly. Such true spirituality has absolutely nothing to do with begging, serving, lifelong learning and subjugation, but has nothing to do with calmness and a righteous head, even without having thick gold rings on one’s fingers.
    If it is clear to you that you are yourself, who is immortal thanks to his very own presence, then it is no longer necessary to ingratiate yourself with someone of distant greatness.
    What makes more sense is that you get on well with your neighbors and don’t want to get out of them, lie to them or even harm them.

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