Art and the Context of Society

Living in a certain place and time, we tend to think within a certain set of values and act upon them as if they are universal. And we use our critical skills to judge ‘everything’. It is a set of values that is a sum of the whole society, and living by its rules is…… Continue reading Art and the Context of Society

What is Art?

If the definition of art has developed over time, and if it is defined as ‘a product or process of deliberately arranging symbolic elements in a way that influences and affects the senses, emotions and intellect’ and also says that the word art was traditionally used for skill or mastery, but later as an intention…… Continue reading What is Art?

How we Expect Answers from Limited Theories

Going through some online tapes of David Bohm, I found a recording where he says something very interesting. Well, actually I find almost everything he ever said very interesting. But the recording made me realise something else. Last week I found an article online that said that his ‘complete lack of ego completely disguised the enormity…… Continue reading How we Expect Answers from Limited Theories

The Concept of Water

Seeing the theme for this years Blogactionday made me think of a story in the book I was reading. The book, On Creativity, is about the importance of creativity. How we all have this inner desire to discover and create something new that is whole, harmonious and beautiful. It is not something rare, it does…… Continue reading The Concept of Water

If you Know All the Views, you will Know the Whole

In this post I want to upload and transcribe the fourth part of the interview with David Bohm. In the previous part he talked about why it is important to distinguish information from energy. How information plays a major role in our day to day life (although hard to seperate from energy), but has no…… Continue reading If you Know All the Views, you will Know the Whole

Make the Quantum World Understandable

In my previous post Making a Concept of the Whole, I uploaded a video of David Bohm where he talks about finding a way to make quantum physics intelligible. After the transcription, I was going to add my understanding of what he said there, but got a lot of problems with uploading that post. At…… Continue reading Make the Quantum World Understandable

Making a Concept of the Whole

After spending a lot of time trying to understand the structure of the rheomode, the experiment of David Bohm with language, I suddenly stopped and asked myself ‘what again was the reason for him to do this experiment’? He explains that in his book ‘Wholeness and the implicate order’, but because the book is way…… Continue reading Making a Concept of the Whole


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