Understanding the Meaning of Concepts

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We bring up our children with too much conceptual abstractions, that they have to memorize. They have to learn concepts without realizing the underlying reality. Learn concepts without understanding the meaning. They have to learn what others think is important. And slowly along the way, they lose the ability to think creative. It is like […]

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The Concept of Water

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Seeing the theme for this years Blogactionday made me think of a story in the book I was reading. The book, On Creativity, is about the importance of creativity. How we all have this inner desire to discover and create something new that is whole, harmonious and beautiful. It is not something rare, it does […]

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Tomorrow Gone

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The world is silent No sound is heard But the everlasting wind   The roads are long No easy going Struggle in a daily grind   Going down Is less exhausting Time to look around   Nothing certain Just two feet That toneless hit the ground   Forget to breath So overwhelming Is the view […]

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