Thought Thinks the Problem is Out There

David Bohm on Thought: Thought has developed traditionally in a way that claims not to be affecting anything but just telling you the way things are. Therefore people can not see that they are creating a problem and then apparently trying to solve it. The ecology has not in itself a problem, it works perfectly…… Continue reading Thought Thinks the Problem is Out There

A Coherent Approach to Reality

David Bohm on Coherence and Consciousness: If we can have a coherent approach to reality, then reality will respond coherently to us. But nature has been tremendously affected by our way of thinking. There is very little left on earth, that isn’t affected by how we were thinking. The major source of unhappiness is that…… Continue reading A Coherent Approach to Reality

Our Incoherent View of the Whole

Coherence is a word that David Bohm used a lot. I noticed it in the video that I wrote about in my previous post. It is a word with a meaning that is rather general. A word that you read without really noticing. But the more I became aware of the word, the more I…… Continue reading Our Incoherent View of the Whole

The Difference between Thinking and Thought

Recently I found a real treasure! At least that is what I considered the video that I found of David Bohm. It is a video where he talked about his life, recorded about two years before his death. There is a part of this video on Youtube that is called David Bohm on perception which…… Continue reading The Difference between Thinking and Thought

The Instinct of Play

The previous post was about two different instincts, the sensuous and the formal instinct. Two instincts that are opposed and that make us struggle to integrate in our human nature. This is again a post about The Letters on Aesthetic Education of Man from Friedrich Schiller, like a few of my previous posts. I am…… Continue reading The Instinct of Play

Sensuous and Formal Instinct

At the end of part two of the Letters on Aesthetics, Schiller talks about two opposite roads that depart us from our destination. He calls it false roads and says that only the beautiful can bring us back from this twofold departure. In the beginning of part three (letter 12) he talks about those two…… Continue reading Sensuous and Formal Instinct

Intuition, Sensing, Thinking and Feeling

In my previous post I tried to find a model that is abstract enough to provide room for several existing models. Now in this post I want to see if it will fit Jung’s model of the four psychological types: Intuition, Sensing, Thinking and Feeling. I will not use the Introvert and Extravert part here…… Continue reading Intuition, Sensing, Thinking and Feeling

Critical about Criticism

Last week I read a blogpost, Criticism the unwanted mentor, that really got me thinking. I have that more often of course, but this one did not only make me think, it also made me analyse my own thinking. The post itself was very interesting but apart from that, it made me want to comment. And…… Continue reading Critical about Criticism


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