Basic Ground for the Meaning of Life

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So creativity is something that can only arise from within. And every outside interference can block it. At least that is what research seems to suggest. But what does that mean? And what exactly do we mean by creativity? I think that, as I already wrote in the post Inner Drive or Navigation from Outside, […]

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Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

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This weekend I saw some very interesting videos on Youtube. One of those videos Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us, was so interesting that I wanted to take a closer look. So I uploaded the video below and took notes of the conclusions. Which were surprising, but at the same time, made very […]

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Beneath the World of Logic

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In my previous post, The meaning of values, I differentiated between 3 types of values and I wanted to see how they relate to the basic model that I use on this blog. But because I already was trying to make my point about the relation between the meaning of life and the meaning of […]

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The Meaning of Values

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These last days my thoughts were mainly focused on values. Why we have them and how we use them. I wanted to write a blogpost about the meaning of life but could not exactly get my point across. While I was thinking about what I actually was trying to say, I came across another blogpost […]

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