The Danger of Praise and Reward as Fuel for Creativity

This post is going to be centred around several sentences. A few lines from the book Science, Order and Creativity. The moment I read those lines, I really felt this was true. By analyzing it here in this post, I hope to emphasise the very important distinctions that I think are essential. I will let…… Continue reading The Danger of Praise and Reward as Fuel for Creativity

Individuation Process 2

My previous post was unfinished because I pushed the publish button to soon. And therefore I was not even finished  laying down the basic concepts as I wanted to use them in the post. Those basic concepts are essential because there is no other way for me to get the words and concepts clear to…… Continue reading Individuation Process 2

Basic Concepts

With my latest model of combining Integral theory and the Zodiac, the model is turned. Now it is the same as in Integral theory (LL is indeed lower left) and now the Zodiac is upside down. I use the words ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ instead of ‘subjective’ and ‘objective’. And instead of ‘impersonal’ I now use…… Continue reading Basic Concepts


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