Mechanism vs Meaning

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Recently I listened to an interview with the very intriguing title: Is Consciousness Energy? The title made me really curious, as I have been wondering about that for a long time now. It is an interview of Dean Radin with Christian de Quincey, whose final conclusion is that consciousness is not the same as energy. […]

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The Difference between Thinking and Thought

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Recently I found a real treasure! At least that is what I considered the video that I found of David Bohm. It is a video where he talked about his life, recorded about two years before his death. There is a part of this video on Youtube that is called David Bohm on perception which […]

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What is the Self?

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This week I found another interview with David Bohm. Somewhere in that interview he talks about why we need the space to develop creativity. He wrote about that in the book Science, Order and Creativity and I already have several posts about one chapter of that book. The chapter states that creativity is very important, […]

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Thought is about Becoming, not Being

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A few weeks ago I got a book from the library that really fascinated me. And especially one chapter was so interesting that I wanted to write several blogposts about it. But while doing that, I found out that this book was an older version. And there was a more recent version that had an […]

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Patterns of Meaning that Develop over Time

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Recently I was thinking about information. How ‘real’ is our knowledge? My thoughts on that went into many directions (as usual) but I kept coming back to something the writer David Foster Wallace said in an interview. I came across this writer because several people mentioned him. The first time was a while ago, when […]

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Is our World Dualistic after all?

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This is the third time I am going to upload the same video on this blog. The reason for that is that I think this video is extremely important. I think it gives a way out of a very old problem.┬áThe problem of choice between Monism and Dualism. It is a video of the physicist […]

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Information Exchange

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A few days ago, someone on Twitter wrote about a Youtube video of an interview with David Bohm, after he had send some quotes from Bohm that caught my attention. I followed the link to the Youtube video and was immediately fascinated by this man. I am not exactly sure why, but it seemed that […]

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