The Paradox of Civilization and the Shadow Carried by All

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A few days ago I followed the live stream of TEDx Amsterdam. I really like the concept of TED and have watched many videos of their previous talks. Those that have my special interest are the ones about the relation between the individual and society. That is why I was especially fascinated by the presentation […]

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The Map and the Territory

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Some time ago I watched the video ‘The divided brain and the making of the western world’ from Iain McGilchrist. The talk was really very interesting, so I started reading his book, ‘The Master and his Emissary’ that does a very good job in looking at research on the difference between the left and right […]

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Creating Something New Together

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David Bohm on Dialogue: If the meaning of communication is to convey information or knowledge from one person to another, then the essence of communication is ‘to make something common’. Dialogue as a special kind of communication, is ‘to make something IN common’. Or creating something new together. But in most cases there is a […]

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How we Re-Cognise what we Experience

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Differentiating between the functions of the left and the right hemisphere of our brain. What does each brainside actually do? Chapter two of The Master and his Emissary gives a very extensive description of the differences between the two. One of the first subchapters is about different forms of attention. Which form of attention belongs […]

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