The Development of Creativity

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Recently I wrote a post about the place of creativity in human development as a whole. In the post I also mentioned how I see the development of creativity itself. I wrote another post on that before, where I used my model of development to describe creativity in different forms (like dancing, painting, drama, architecture, […]

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12 Phases of Blogging

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These are 12 phases a blogger might go through. It is a cycle for all development, so I thought why not for blogging. It is a cycle that can take a whole (blogging) lifetime, but it can also be something that you go through very fast, or only partly. For some the focus is very […]

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Ego Development

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(Model is turned, see the post Basic Concepts) What I like most about the zodiac is that it shows a development in a development. Every sign can be seen at every level. And I think life, as it is an ongoing proces, goes through al stages all the time. But that does not mean that […]

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