Collective Sharing of Individual Knowledge

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Last week I found some really interesting sites. The first one was Quora. I found a blogpost that highlighted some good reasons to get involved there. I clicked through and was indeed immediately hooked. It is a question and answer site, where anyone can ask and answer all kinds of questions. But apart from that, you […]

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English Books in Dutch Libraries

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I love books that are non-fiction. It is not that I do not like fiction, sometimes I do, but most of the books that I read in my life were non-fiction. I used to spend many hours in our library looking for answers to questions I had, taking as much books home as I could. […]

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Designing my Website

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The first step I took to start creating my own webspace was by making a website, Homeopathicelements. Before that I was more of a reader on the web. Not just on the web, also of many books. But it was not always like that. When I was young I hardly ever read a book. And […]

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