How Creative Energy becomes Destructive

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From the moment I started reading this chapter in the book Science, Order and Creativity, I knew it would be on my mind for a long time. Looking at the posts now, I see that I read the book in June. And still, everything I do, read and hear is in the light of that […]

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Basic Ground for the Meaning of Life

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So creativity is something that can only arise from within. And every outside interference can block it. At least that is what research seems to suggest. But what does that mean? And what exactly do we mean by creativity? I think that, as I already wrote in the post Inner Drive or Navigation from Outside, […]

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Creativity and the Need for Free Space

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Money prevents creativity. This was one of the conclusions in the previous post. Another post was about something else that prevents creativity: the need for approval. Both conclusions were based on sound research. Of course it is all a bit more complex than that, but still the conclusions were very interesting. I think this is […]

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Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

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This weekend I saw some very interesting videos on Youtube. One of those videos Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us, was so interesting that I wanted to take a closer look. So I uploaded the video below and took notes of the conclusions. Which were surprising, but at the same time, made very […]

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Intuition, Sensing, Thinking and Feeling

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In my previous post I tried to find a model that is abstract enough to provide room for several existing models. Now in this post I want to see if it will fit Jung’s model of the four psychological types: Intuition, Sensing, Thinking and Feeling. I will not use the Introvert and Extravert part here […]

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Energy in Matter, and Concepts from Information

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In this post I want to rename some of the concepts I used so far on this blog. The reason is that some of the words were not abstract enough to cover the whole phenomenon. In the core model I used the words ‘psyche’ and ‘language’ because they were originally used by Jean Carteret. But in […]

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Me, my Self and I

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The ‘self’ is a concept that I know best by the writings of Carl Jung. I don’t know if my understanding of the concept is right, but I thought I more or less ‘got it’. But as mentioned in my previous post, David Bohm also talks about the ‘self’. And somehow I got the feeling […]

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What is the Self?

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This week I found another interview with David Bohm. Somewhere in that interview he talks about why we need the space to develop creativity. He wrote about that in the book Science, Order and Creativity and I already have several posts about one chapter of that book. The chapter states that creativity is very important, […]

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The 7 Links Challenge

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Last week on Problogger there was a great challenge. It was a 7 link challenge, to write a post with links to 7 posts that fit into 7 themes. I thought that was a perfect way to go over my posts again to see which ones I could bring together in one post. 1. Your […]

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The Development of Creativity

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Recently I wrote a post about the place of creativity in human development as a whole. In the post I also mentioned how I see the development of creativity itself. I wrote another post on that before, where I used my model of development to describe creativity in different forms (like dancing, painting, drama, architecture, […]

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The Form and Content of Thought

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After I finished my previous post, one line kept buzzing in my head. ‘Mathematics is about thought, not the content of thought, but the form in which we can hold the content of thought.’ And at the same time I was searching for a picture to visualise how that could be. Sort of structures that […]

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Thought is about Becoming, not Being

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A few weeks ago I got a book from the library that really fascinated me. And especially one chapter was so interesting that I wanted to write several blogposts about it. But while doing that, I found out that this book was an older version. And there was a more recent version that had an […]

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The Danger of Praise and Reward as Fuel for Creativity

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This post is going to be centred around several sentences. A few lines from the book Science, Order and Creativity. The moment I read those lines, I really felt this was true. By analyzing it here in this post, I hope to emphasise the very important distinctions that I think are essential. I will let […]

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Inner Drive or Navigation from Outside

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In this post I want to see how the conclusions from the previous post fit the model I use on this blog. There are many ways to look at it, but for now I want to focus on the main point of that post: the need for approval. As children we are sensitive to authority. […]

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How Creativity is Blocked by the Need for Approval

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Creativity is a natural potential energy in humans, which becomes destructive if it is blocked. This is a conclusion of a chapter in the book that I want to review in this post. The first part of the above conclusion says that creativity is an inherent characteristic in humans, which is shown by experiments with […]

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Creativity in the Whole of Life

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After I wrote my previous post, I read the chapter ‘Creativity in the whole of life’ for the second time. The chapter from a book called ‘Science, Order and Creativity’. And this time I was even more convinced that it reflects my thoughts on many things that I want to write about on this blog. […]

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English Books in Dutch Libraries

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I love books that are non-fiction. It is not that I do not like fiction, sometimes I do, but most of the books that I read in my life were non-fiction. I used to spend many hours in our library looking for answers to questions I had, taking as much books home as I could. […]

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Patterns of Meaning that Develop over Time

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Recently I was thinking about information. How ‘real’ is our knowledge? My thoughts on that went into many directions (as usual) but I kept coming back to something the writer David Foster Wallace said in an interview. I came across this writer because several people mentioned him. The first time was a while ago, when […]

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Is our World Dualistic after all?

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This is the third time I am going to upload the same video on this blog. The reason for that is that I think this video is extremely important. I think it gives a way out of a very old problem. The problem of choice between Monism and Dualism. It is a video of the physicist […]

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The Importance of Individual Human Experience

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David Bohm has some very interesting things to say about how he sees the future of our world. In the interview from the previous post, he says things that, at first sight, just look like common sense. But if you look closer to what he says, I think it is rather revolutionary. At a certain […]

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If you Know All the Views, you will Know the Whole

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In this post I want to upload and transcribe the fourth part of the interview with David Bohm. In the previous part he talked about why it is important to distinguish information from energy. How information plays a major role in our day to day life (although hard to seperate from energy), but has no […]

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Make the Quantum World Understandable

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In my previous post Making a Concept of the Whole, I uploaded a video of David Bohm where he talks about finding a way to make quantum physics intelligible. After the transcription, I was going to add my understanding of what he said there, but got a lot of problems with uploading that post. At […]

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Making a Concept of the Whole

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After spending a lot of time trying to understand the structure of the rheomode, the experiment of David Bohm with language, I suddenly stopped and asked myself ‘what again was the reason for him to do this experiment’? He explains that in his book ‘Wholeness and the implicate order’, but because the book is way […]

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Following the Process

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It is the process that is essential in David Bohm’s experiment with language and thought. This process is something that can be seen in personal human development as well. It is a process that takes place with not always the same emphasis on every step. This development can also be seen in the zodiac, and in […]

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A Path for each Thought Process

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This post is the heart of the rheomode, the experiment on language structure by David Bohm. The four previous posts were an attempt to describe the why and the what. In this post I want to describe the how of that experiment. Bohm uses the words that I mentioned in my previous post (relevance, understanding, divide, […]

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Understand, Divide and Order

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This is the fourth post about the rheomode, a language experiment of David Bohm. The first post was about why I was so excited to find out about the experiment, the second post about the reasonwhy Bohm was searching for such a language and the third post was about the introduction of the rheomode. In […]

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Meaning and Context

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In the previous posts I tried to describe an experiment with language and thought. It is an experiment in David Bohm’s book ‘Wholeness and the Implicate Order’ called ‘The Rheomode’. In that book he proposes a new mode to use language, and in these posts I want to talk about my understanding of that experiment. […]

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An Experiment with Language and Thought

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In my previous post I made a start with describing an experiment by David Bohm that he did with language. The reason for this experiment was that he wanted to describe what is going on, on the quantum level of our world. Others said that it is only possible to describe that with mathematics, but […]

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Describing Personal Development

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For some time now, I am trying to describe my view on human development. But so far I could not get it done in a way that made much sense. I really had a hard time finding the right words to say what I meant to say. I kept trying but until now, most of […]

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Beneath the World of Logic

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In my previous post, The meaning of values, I differentiated between 3 types of values and I wanted to see how they relate to the basic model that I use on this blog. But because I already was trying to make my point about the relation between the meaning of life and the meaning of […]

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The Meaning of Values

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These last days my thoughts were mainly focused on values. Why we have them and how we use them. I wanted to write a blogpost about the meaning of life but could not exactly get my point across. While I was thinking about what I actually was trying to say, I came across another blogpost […]

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Creative Development

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One word that can describe the first sign of the individual part of the zodiac is creativity. There are many more words that can be used for that part. Expression, selfcentred, arrogant, artistic, honorable, selfassured, ego, confident, pride, attention, authentic. But in this blogpost I want to focuss on the word creativity. Creativity as a […]

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The Difference between Integrity and Honesty

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Recently on a forum someone asked for opinons about the difference between integrity and honesty. I thought that was a really interesting question. I indeed view them different but never thought about why exactly. Like many other words, those two represent a whole world of meaning. They are used all the time and most of […]

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Critical about Criticism

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Last week I read a blogpost, Criticism the unwanted mentor, that really got me thinking. I have that more often of course, but this one did not only make me think, it also made me analyse my own thinking. The post itself was very interesting but apart from that, it made me want to comment. And […]

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Development, Evolution and Transformation

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Still discussing the transformation of consciousness, I suddenly realised something. Transformation is a word I tend to use a lot, but also a word like development. So what exactly is the difference and what is the resemblance. And also what is the difference of those two with evolution. First I will go and look up […]

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Three Subconscious Levels

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In Three Levels of the Mind I used three signs, to symbolise the primordial, individual and universal mind. In that context, all three together represent the conscious mind. In my previous post, Subconscious or Psyche, three other signs represent the subconscious mind. That part of all knowledge that is not consciously known, but largely influences […]

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Subconscious or Psyche

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I was going to write about the different forms of subconscious. But before I could get anything done, there was this very first problem already. Should I use the word subconsious, or is it better to use the word unconscious? What is actually the difference? Then I thought, okay what do I mean to describe? […]

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Debate or Dialogue

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After my previous post about different types of discussions I got to think there have to be some differentiations already. But they are likely not just all called discussion. So what other forms of discussion are there? After some searching I found that the most characteristic forms are debate and dialogue. I was not sure […]

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Consciousness Discussions

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These last days I have been discussing consciousness. I really like to discuss that. What is consciousness, how is it created, are animals conscious? Just one of my favorite subjects to discuss. But also one of the most difficult ones. Because in order to discuss something we need consciousness itself. We need some level of […]

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Individuation Process 3

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The zodiac can be divided into three areas. If it is used to describe the human development from birth to death, the signs can be used to mark the age of an individual human being. Of course it is a very abstract way and it can differ from person to person. But in general there […]

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Individuation Process 2

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My previous post was unfinished because I pushed the publish button to soon. And therefore I was not even finished  laying down the basic concepts as I wanted to use them in the post. Those basic concepts are essential because there is no other way for me to get the words and concepts clear to […]

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Individuation Process 1

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Another really interesting concept of Jung is actually kind of opposite to the concept of collective unconscious from the previous post. It is his concept of individuation. Individuation is the process of transforming the psyche by bringing the personal and collective unconscious into consciousness. As already became clear in my previous post, I see it […]

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Collective Unconscious

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Just now I looked at my previous post Individual Language again and I suddenly realised something. I mentioned several theories and ever so many people that came up with those theories. But no matter how important those theories are (in general, but especially in the purpose of this blog) there is one theorie that is […]

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Individual Language

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As I am blogging for some time now, it is getting more and more clear what is the core of what I want to write about. This weekend I stayed a bit away from the computer and thought what I really, down to the essense, wanted to be the purpose of this blog. And I […]

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Information Exchange

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A few days ago, someone on Twitter wrote about a Youtube video of an interview with David Bohm, after he had send some quotes from Bohm that caught my attention. I followed the link to the Youtube video and was immediately fascinated by this man. I am not exactly sure why, but it seemed that […]

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Tomorrow Gone

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The world is silent No sound is heard But the everlasting wind   The roads are long No easy going Struggle in a daily grind   Going down Is less exhausting Time to look around   Nothing certain Just two feet That toneless hit the ground   Forget to breath So overwhelming Is the view […]

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12 Phases of Blogging

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These are 12 phases a blogger might go through. It is a cycle for all development, so I thought why not for blogging. It is a cycle that can take a whole (blogging) lifetime, but it can also be something that you go through very fast, or only partly. For some the focus is very […]

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Defining Spirit and Soul

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Soul is one of those words with many different meanings. Everyone has his own interpretation of that word. Another one of those words is spirit, which is often used where someone else might use soul. And others might not use those words at all, because there is no actual ‘thing’ that can be measured. The […]

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Basic Concepts

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With my latest model of combining Integral theory and the Zodiac, the model is turned. Now it is the same as in Integral theory (LL is indeed lower left) and now the Zodiac is upside down. I use the words ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ instead of ‘subjective’ and ‘objective’. And instead of ‘impersonal’ I now use […]

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More than One Spirit

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Although spirit and soul are words that have all kinds of different meanings, I just have to use them here because I have no other way of describing the way I see the human development. So in the zodiac I use them for the fire signs (spirit) and the water signs (soul). In the post […]

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