David Bohm: Mind and Matter

Audio Interview about Understanding in Science
[audio:https://www.mindstructures.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/David-Bohm.mp3|titles=David Bohm]



How Matter is influenced by Information



Transcription of the whole video interview with David Bohm at the Bohr institute in 1989

 Translations of the interview into different languages, so far Spanish and Dutch


Matter and Information



Whole video with transcription


Groups of posts about David Bohm

David Bohm on Creativity

David Bohm on Confusion and Inner Conflict

David Bohm on Language and the Rheomode

David Bohm on Communication, Dialogue and Thought

David Bohm on Science and Information

David Bohm on Art and Aesthetics

David Bohm on the Individual and Meaning


Other Theories

Carl Jung: Individuation Process

Jean Carteret: Language and Psyche

Leonard Bernstein: Metaphorical Language

Maslow: Hierarchy of Needs

Ken Wilber: Integral Theory

Spiral Dynamics

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