David Bohm about Matter and Information


Yes, if you say that all matter actually works from information, not merely matter in the nervous system or DNA matter working in the cell, but even the electron is forming from empty space being informed as it were by some unknown source of information which may be all over the space.

And then we can not have, there is no sharp division between thought, emotion and matter. You see that they flow into each other. Even in ordinary experience you have thought and emotion flow into a movement of matter in the body. Or the movement of matter in the body gives rise to emotion and thought right.

Now the only point is that present science has no idea how thought could directly affect an object which is not in contact with the body you see, or directly through some system.

But if you say that the entire ground of existence is enfolded in space, that all matter is coming out of that space, including ourselves, our brains, our thoughts … then the information might gradually …vades the space so that matter starts to, you could say that matter is always forming according to whatever information it has and therefore the thought process could alter that information content.

So I’d say that it does look possible though I think very careful experiments have to be done before we say that it actually does take place.

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  1. The contents of a box are seen every time the box is opened. Is this data sufficient to conclude that the contents exist inside the box when the box is closed? How can a thing ” EXIST” when nobody is observing it?

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