Making a Concept of the Whole

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After spending a lot of time trying to understand the structure of the rheomode, the experiment of David Bohm with language, I suddenly stopped and asked myself ‘what again was the reason for him to do this experiment’? He explains that in his book ‘Wholeness and the implicate order’, but because the book is way […]

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Following the Process

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It is the process that is essential in David Bohm’s experiment with language and thought.┬áThis process is something that can be seen in personal human development as well. It is a process that takes place with not always the same emphasis on every step. This development can also be seen in the zodiac, and in […]

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A Path for each Thought Process

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This post is the heart of the rheomode, the experiment on language structure by David Bohm.┬áThe four previous posts were an attempt to describe the why and the what. In this post I want to describe the how of that experiment. Bohm uses the words that I mentioned in my previous post (relevance, understanding, divide, […]

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Understand, Divide and Order

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This is the fourth post about the rheomode, a language experiment of David Bohm. The first post was about why I was so excited to find out about the experiment, the second post about the reasonwhy Bohm was searching for such a language and the third post was about the introduction of the rheomode. In […]

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Meaning and Context

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In the previous posts I tried to describe an experiment with language and thought. It is an experiment in David Bohm’s book ‘Wholeness and the Implicate Order’ called ‘The Rheomode’. In that book he proposes a new mode to use language, and in these posts I want to talk about my understanding of that experiment. […]

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An Experiment with Language and Thought

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In my previous post I made a start with describing an experiment by David Bohm that he did with language. The reason for this experiment was that he wanted to describe what is going on, on the quantum level of our world. Others said that it is only possible to describe that with mathematics, but […]

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Describing Personal Development

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For some time now, I am trying to describe my view on human development. But so far I could not get it done in a way that made much sense. I really had a hard time finding the right words to say what I meant to say. I kept trying but until now, most of […]

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