Basic Model


Collective-Personal-Inside-Outside / IWeItIts


PrimordialIndividualUniversal / SpiritBodyMindSoul

Personal Outside: IT

1. Primordial Spirit: Action (aries)

2. Primordial Body: Manifestation (taurus)

3. Primordial Mind: Interaction (gemini)

Personal Inside: I

4. Primordial Soul: Emotion (cancer)

5. Individual Spirit: Expression (leo)

6. Individual Body: Function (virgo)

Collective Inside: WE

7. Individual Mind: Reflection (libra)

8. Individual Soul: Integration (scorpio)

9. Universal Spirit: Vision (sagittarius)

Collective Outside: ITS

10. Universal Body: Construction (capricorn)

11. Universal Mind: Invention (aquarius)

12. Universal Soul: Compassion (pisces)

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  1. Did you consider that reality is dual nature? Meaning that there are two realities one manifested and other a potential ( possibility) of everything. I have much more as I worked the last 10 years developing digital consciousness.

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