Birth : Action (aries)

0 – 7 : Manifestation (taurus)

7 -14 : Interaction (gemini)

14-21: Emotion – Expression (cancer – leo)

21-35: Funcion (virgo)

35-42: Reflection (libra)

42-49: Integration – Vision (scorpio – sagittarius)

49-63: Construction (capricorn)

63-77: Invention (aquarius)

77-84: Compassion (pisces)

Age 7: Saturn square

Age 14: Saturn opposition, Uranus square

Age 21: Saturn square

Age 28: Saturn return

Age 35: Saturn square

Age 42: Saturn opposition, Uranus opposition

Age 49: Saturn square

Age 56: Saturn return

Age 63: Saturn square

Age 70: Saturn opposition, Uranus square

Age 77: Saturn square

Age 84: Saturn return, Uranus return


  1. Good afternoon Annemieke,

    Quick questions about Saturn.

    Today, after 6 (S*I*X) months of Saturn-Saturn opposition (natal 1st house, transiting 7th house) the old bugger will stop bothering me at least until October when, direct again it will pass the same points once more. Like an iron over a crisp shirt.

    Should I celebrate or mourn this event? I so looked forward to this moment It seemed like forever, now I’m not even sure what to feel.

    What can I expect?

    Where’s my present (Saturn is supposed to leave a present after isn’t he) and would that be about me (1st house) or a potential partner (7th house)?

    Thank you for considering this.

  2. Iron over a crisp shirt, love that image!

    I guess you have the North Node in aries as well, with Saturn, so it’s a good thing that you are paying close attention to what is happening now, should have something to do with your destiny.

    You might want to be extra alert with the New Moon in aries in a couple a days. New moon close to Jupiter (and a lot of other planets in aries) all in the neighborhood of your North Node, so I guess that must bring some clarity!

    Or who knows a present :-)

    1. Annemieke you are not going to believe this, but a present was waiting in my letter box! :-)

      Here our electricity consumption is measured once a year and that determines your prepayments for the following year. 2009 was a cold winter, I used extra electric heating, had TV, computer etc always on standby. My consumption was very high, hence very high prepayments for 2010. Shocked and fearful of what 2011 might bring, all throughout 2010 I saved on electricity as much as possible – energy-saving bulbs, turning off everything except the refrigerator when out of the house, and an extra sweater instead of extra heating. All the time paying the huge prepayments of course.

      Yesterday I got the bill for 2010. What a present! My actual consumption was half as expected, so 2011 is already prepaid! No electricity bills to pay until February 2012!!! Imagine that :-)

      Is Saturn connected to electricity? No idea. But the activity of saving energy costs – constant, takes time to get used to it, thankless, with a big compensation only at the very end – sounds very Saturnian to me!

      1. Those presents are the best!

        Indeed very Saturnian. Not the connection with electricity (that’s Uranus) but saving costs and the time it took to get used to it, very much Saturn :-)

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