Time and the Meaning of Life

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The first part of the meaning of life, is to build a personality with strong values. Values that are worth defending.

Use them to choose a direction, stick with it and make it a succes. Challenge the cultural background and make decisions on personal experience. Keep what works and improve it. Defend your decisions if they are attacked.

So the first part is to become a personality, improve yourself over time and defend yourself if necessary.

But there is a second part.

Where you have to realise that your values are not universal. They always depend on the context. And as important as they are to become a strong and independent individual, some day you have to realise that it is all relative.

This is where time comes in.

If the realisation is there too soon, it might harm the building process of your self. And make you paralysed, unfocused and directionless.

So a strong belief in your own values is important. Even more, the stronger it is, the more powerful the realisation of a world beyond can be, when the moment is there.

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Time and the meaning of life


  1. Hi Annemieke!
    Meaning of life? I found very interesting your post, I do not share vert much though.
    You said “The first part of the meaning of life..”.Anne, there’s no first part, .actually there´s no partition of anything. Sometimes we divided things in categories. We need it to simplify, make easier to understand…but actually the tree is not devidend into roots, stem and leaves. Our mind (the nature of our mind) is too anxious to break into parts perception. Breaking into pieces has some consequences.

    And then the meaning of life….There´s no meaning of life to be discovered.

    And them, a personality built with strong values. What are strong values? Solid? firm? true? lasting? permanent? There´s nothing such as strong values but strong stubbornness.

    Strong values creats strong oppositions, separation and violence. Do you need values to live? do you need to verbalize your values, to stregthen your values, make them more sold, firm and strong?
    If you are aware, concious you do need values.
    Sorry for my dusagreement.
    cheeriio Highlanderbrown

  2. Hi, Annemieke

    I recommend to “feel” the book “the power of now”.(please note to “feel”, not to “read” by thinking).

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