Creativity to Prevent External Pressure and Internal Decay

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David Bohm on Creativity:

Creativity is essential, not only for science but for the whole of life.

If you get stuck in a mechanical, repetitious order, then it will degenerate.

One of the problems is, that every civilization got stuck in a certain repetition.

The creative energy gradually died away and that is why the civilization dies.

Many civilizations vanish, not only because of external pressure, but because they internally decay.

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Creativity to prevent external pressure and internal decay


  1. I am seeing that there really is little time when creativity is not present. Could you not say that “decay” then becomes the opportunity for creativity to re-emerge for it is in that space that decay leaves that creativity can then rise and flourish again. Perhaps “decay” is simply an aspect of creativity and that it cannot really die.

    1. You really got me thinking with this, as indeed decay is just another part of any process, and should it then not be a part of the creative process?

      As I have come to define lately, especially through the work of David Bohm, creativity is, in essence, the connection of the individual with the whole, seeing those ‘hidden’ patterns and rearrange them to something more coherent (or maybe less coherent, if it had that intention).

      So I don’t think that decay is a part of that. Decay, I think, happens when there is ‘form without meaning’, so that there is no longer a ‘selforganising’ process anymore.

      I think that is what Bohm meant what happens too, when a society looses that selforganising ability, it has no other way to go, than to decay.

      Somehow I have the feeling that this decay is another form of transformation, where you need ‘the other’ to get insight in ‘the self’, where the outside world has to be integrated. If that happens, the next step is more wholeness, but if it fails, the end step is decay.

      Just some thoughts that come to mind at this moment …

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