Creating Something New Together

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David Bohm on Dialogue:

If the meaning of communication is to convey information or knowledge from one person to another, then the essence of communication is ‘to make something common’.

Dialogue as a special kind of communication, is ‘to make something IN common’. Or creating something new together.

But in most cases there is a HUGE problem in the exchange of meaning between people. Meanings are similar but not identical. Which can be a real problem if people get to focus on just their own meaning.

But if done right, it can also lead to something new.

Observing the differences you might see something new that is relevant to both views. Go back and forth with the continual emergence of new content that is common to both participants.

Which needs an open mind. Each has to be interested primarily in truth and coherence, and be ready to drop old ideas and intentions.

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Creating something new together

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