Intuition, Sensing, Thinking and Feeling

In my previous post I tried to find a model that is abstract enough to provide room for several existing models.

Now in this post I want to see if it will fit Jung’s model of the four psychological types: Intuition, Sensing, Thinking and Feeling.

I will not use the Introvert and Extravert part here (and also not the Judging and Perceiving part of the Myers-Briggs model) because it would make things too complicated at this point.


1. Personal Exterior Intuition = IMPULS
5. Personal Interior Intuition = CREATIVE
9. Collective Interior Intuition = VISION



2. Personal Exterior Sensing = SENSATION
6. Personal Interior Sensing = ADJUSTMENT
10. Collective Exterior Sensing = CONSTRUCTION



3. Personal Exterior Thinking = LEARNING
7. Collective Interior Thinking = DIALOGUE
11. Collective Exterior Thinking = INVENTION



4. Personal Interior Feeling = EMOTION
8. Collective Interior Feeling = FASCINATION
12. Collective Exterior Feeling = EMPATHY

Again I am not sure if these are the right words to describe the concepts so they might change when I find better ones.


Intuition sensing thinking and feeling

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