Energy in Matter, and Concepts from Information

In this post I want to rename some of the concepts I used so far on this blog.

The reason is that some of the words were not abstract enough to cover the whole phenomenon.

In the core model I used the words ‘psyche’ and ‘language’ because they were originally used by Jean Carteret.

But in order to be used for a model that combines several other models as well, I had to find more abstract words.

So ‘psyche’ became ‘information’ and ‘language’ became ‘concepts’. A concept as structured information, like matter is structured energy.



1. Aries: Personal Exterior Energy

Impulse – Sudden – Action.

2. Taurus: Personal Exterior Matter

Concrete – Growth – Concentration.

3. Gemini: Personal Exterior Concepts

Language – Interaction – Rational.



4. Cancer:Personal Interior Information

Emotion – Bonding – Experience.

5. Leo: Personal Interior Energy

Expression – Pride – Creative.

6. Virgo: Personal Interior Matter

Skills – Improvement – Functional.


7. Libra: Collective Interior Concepts

Dialogue – Art – Harmony.

8. Scorpio: Collective Interior Information

Shadow – Fascination – Passion.

9. Sagittarius: Collective Interior Energy

Expansion – Inspiration – Enthusiastic.



10. Capricorn: Collective Exterior Matter

Reality – Facts – Accomplishment.

11. Aquarius: Collective Exterior Concepts

Ideas – Innovation – Progressive.

12. Pisces: Collective Exterior Information

Unity – Myths – Receptive.


This model is a combination of the Zodiac, the Integral model of Quadrants and a Mind/Matter model.

I used words (that might change if I find better ones) that are as abstract as possible, to provide space for all three models.


Energy in matter and concepts from information

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