The Form and Content of Thought

After I finished my previous post, one line kept buzzing in my head.

‘Mathematics is about thought, not the content of thought, but the form in which we can hold the content of thought.’

And at the same time I was searching for a picture to visualise how that could be. Sort of structures that come into existence from an underlying ‘something’.

See if I can get the essence out of that sentence:

Mathematics = Form

Thoughts = Content

It got me thinking about what exactly the content is. And it also made me wonder if, instead of mathmatics, I also could use ‘language’, or ‘words’.

So something like:

Language is about thought, not the content of thought, but the form in which we can hold the content of thought (which might be the whole psyche, not just thoughts).

And in short:

Language = Form

Psyche = Content

Not the same as the orgininal line, but somehow this seems true as well. Or again getting back to the Core model on this blog:

Language (or conceps, consciousness, symbols, etc) = Structure

Psyche (or thoughts, feelings, subconscious, sensations, etc) = Potential

The psyche as an ongoing process of unfolding. And language that brings the psyche into existence.

Together with the other couple of energy and matter.


The form and content of thought

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  1. The laws of nature are explained in all types and forms of life, from physics, psychological sciences, chemistry, and others. These are the contents of the ideas/lows, or different material describe the form of these laws, human mind can understand these laws, but initially be linked with such content, if ​​a human mind understand these lows and reach a higher stage (wisdom), he can liberated from such content and re-present these lows or ideas with different materials , maybe the mathematics is the only way to view these natural laws without compliance with its contents,

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