Following the Process

It is the process that is essential in David Bohm’s experiment with language and thought. This process is something that can be seen in personal human development as well.

It is a process that takes place with not always the same emphasis on every step.

This development can also be seen in the zodiac, and in this post I want to bring back the 7 steps that Bohm used and place them in the zodiac.

1. Starting with the verb

The verb means a spontaneous and unrestricted act. It also means an unrestricted breadth and depth of meaning that is not fixed within static limits.

This can only be placed at one point. It has to be the first sign of the zodiac, aries. Aries is the spontaneous and unrestricted action. There is no thinking, there is no division, it is just about getting started.

2. Call to attention again

Here is emphasized that ‘re’ signifies ‘again’, being on another occasion. This part is more about focus and thinking.

Focus and thinking. That exactly fits the two following signs, taurus and gemini. Taurus is about concentrating and focus. And gemini is about asking questions, learning and thinking.

3 + 4. Is it relevant or irrelevant?

It requires an act of perception to see in each case whether the content ‘lifted again’ fits the observed context or not.

If the content ‘lifted again’ does not fit the context we say it is a mistaken or illusory perception.

To see if it fits the context or not, is a matter of analyzing and reflecting. And those are  the characteristics of the signs virgo (analyzing) and libra (reflecting).

This leaves out two signs, cancer and leo. But they play a different role here. Those are the signs that are part of the world beneath the logic. As are the next signs, scorpio and sagittarius.

5 + 6 + 7. Continuing state and generalized totality

Generalization and totality make me think about the last part of the zodiac. At this point I can not exactly say how and why, but I will try to go into that in another post.


Following the process

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