Subconscious or Psyche

I was going to write about the different forms of subconscious.

But before I could get anything done, there was this very first problem already.

Should I use the word subconsious, or is it better to use the word unconscious? What is actually the difference?

Then I thought, okay what do I mean to describe?

Again that led me back to the whole mind versus matter issue. And the very basic thoughts about that from Jean Carteret, that I put on the page Language and Psyche.

Carteret uses the words language and psyche to describe the opposites of matter and energy. And according to him, language is to the psyche what matter is to energy. With one difference, energy is active where the psyche is passive.

But like energy has another side of the coin (matter), the psyche also has another side (language).

So Carteret uses language, but I had been thinking if maybe I could better use the word  concepts. I am going to investigate that further in another blogpost, but here in this post I want to find a word for the psyche (or unconscious or subconscious) part of the model.

Maybe psyche would be a good word, but that word is mainly used for the individual inner life. And that was only part of what I mean to describe.

I also mean, what Jung calls, the collective unconscious. And that might not be covered by the word psyche.

And I mean the emotions in our childhood that actually belong to others. Maybe they also could be called psyche, but it is that what is not our own at first, what we picked up as a child from the environment.

I could call them primordial, individual and universal psyche (according to the zodiac signs cancer, scorpio and pisces) but I am not sure if that would cover the whole of subconscious (or unconscious).

So I was wondering if there was a word that would cover it all better. I have been using soul which worked rather well. But somehow it does not seem to be the best word.

In a recent discussion someone used the word information and somehow that seemed perfect. I do not know exactly why yet, because information is used in many ways but not when someone means unconscious, subconscious, psyche or emotion.

But together with concepts, it seems to fit well. It is only that information in this sense is just that, all the information that is out there and all the information that is within each of us. Nothing packaged, just being there to be intepreted.

And that is what the concepts are for. Concepts as packages of information. The packages that can be communicated with others.

But before that it is just information. Information that translates into emotions. That translates into the psyche. And that also translates into dreams.

That what lays beneath every form of consciousness.


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