Development, Evolution and Transformation

Still discussing the transformation of consciousness, I suddenly realised something. Transformation is a word I tend to use a lot, but also a word like development.

So what exactly is the difference and what is the resemblance. And also what is the difference of those two with evolution.

First I will go and look up the general definitions and see how they relate to how I use them both.

Act of improving by expanding or enlarging or refining.

A process in which something passes by degrees to a different stage.

Changing in form or shape or appearance.


First off it seems that transformation is more radical. Changing into something else. While evolution and development tend to change more over time.

But I think there is another difference. It is just only a thought, but somehow I have the feeling that transformation happens after a certain time of development or evolution. As if evolution and development (at this point I can not see where exactly those two differ) are gradually building to a certain point.

And transformation needs another element to change into something else.

So developing (evolving) is more like building or constructing and transforming is more like collapsing first and grow into something totally new.

Mind and Matter

Somehow I have the feeling developing is ‘matter’ that grows in complexity. Or ‘mind’ that grows in complexity.

But at some point they transform into something new.

Maybe this is where the potential side of mind (psyche) and matter (energy) comes in.



  1. I’m intrigued by the diagram in this article and would like to read more to better understand what you’re attempting to say about the relationship between mind, matter, energy, & psyche. Are these categories like body, mind, spirit, and the energy that drives it all?

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