Individuation Process 1

Another really interesting concept of Jung is actually kind of opposite to the concept of collective unconscious from the previous post.

It is his concept of individuation.

Individuation is the process of transforming the psyche by bringing the personal and collective unconscious into consciousness.

As already became clear in my previous post, I see it that halve of the twelve signs are related to this conscious (airsigns) and unconscious (watersigns) concepts.

All the concepts that are used by Jung have a correlation with different parts of the zodiac, but in this blogpost and the next I want to focuss mainly on the centre of the individuation process.

That centre is part of the inside. The personal inside as well as the collective inside. Or as I call it in the context of this blog, individual.

The zodiac can be devided into a personal and collective part. And besides that each has an outside and an inside.

So there is a personal outside (aries, taurus, gemini) and a personal inside (cancer, leo, virgo).

The same with collective, there is a collective inside (libra, scorpio, sagittarius) and a collective outside (capricorn, aquarius, pisces).

To be continued…


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