Consciousness Discussions

These last days I have been discussing consciousness. I really like to discuss that. What is consciousness, how is it created, are animals conscious? Just one of my favorite subjects to discuss.

But also one of the most difficult ones. Because in order to discuss something we need consciousness itself. We need some level of consciousness to be able to discuss something.

So maybe it is an idea to look at discussions instead of at consciousness itself. And instead of exploring if there are different kinds of consciousness, to see if there are different kinds of discussions.

First there are discussions that just can interact about everything. Using the language we learned at schools, got from books and read in the newspaper. We can discuss the weather, discuss what is happening in the world and so on.

At that point no one needs strong opinions, just use what we learned, heard or just read somewhere. All that needs is information that we got delivered in packages by others.

Lets call the consciousness that is needed for this kind of discussions consciousness A.

The second kind of discussions are those that DO involve opinions. I will call the consciousness that is needed for that kind of discussion consciousness B.

If there is as discussion that involves opinions, there immediately emerges an huge problem. Where does that opinion come from. As long as we define it clearly as being an opinion it does not have to be a problem.

But the biggest problem with opinions is that people have the idea that their opinion has a certain truth to it. Which might make this kind of discussions, the ones with consciousness B, very heated at times. Because at some point they touch upon the worldview of the participants.

And have no other way then getting stuck at some point.

So this is where consciousness C comes in. Which I would call ego consciousness. Which is different from the other forms because it can not leave out personal experience.

It is a consciousness where the individual combines internal and external information, personal experience with universal knowledge.

So maybe that asks for a fourth kind of discussion, lets call that a discussion with consciousness D, a discussion that seperates universal and personal knowledge, but does not find one more important than the other.

Just uses other measurements to value both.



  1. I message you out of sheer chance and because I am dying to get this thought out of my head. There seems to be a vast questionable imbalance when one begins to think of awareness the body gets this sensation of now and time begins to slow down just a little the obtaining of this awareness is sought after but such a gift of living in the now shouldn’t be disrespected by greedy ownership or even a gather of knowledge it is natural and already within ourselves just as all wisdom is unlocked not discovered once you are aware of something it’s like it’s been apart of you all along believing this then in this world it must be true. I believe I hide a lot of my true self most of the time but let it slip occasionally I feel this is changing I feel that I’m here for a reason as is everyone on any scale but does everyone ask such questions do they think in depth as I I’m not saying I have all knowledge and all knowing but this is what in saying explanation there shouldn’t be any it all is if this is true though why the hunger the deep instinct for our cosmic energy to flow through even in this plaque covered metropolis all the noise and artificial surroundings are to distract your mind to go through the day missing everything I try to grasp everything that comes my way but this time I was born in has much revolution within it but at the same time I feel alone I feel that I am forgetting something I have always known and am trying to remember everyday but I must think this way for a reason It cannot be just common if it were I wouldn’t have to confine my thought into this note pad this knowledge should be spread so that my fellow kind can be drawn to me because I’m lost in this sea of miss direction and right and wrong when everything should just be, it is as simple as that. I have too much inner monologue I sometimes believe that to be unhealthy but it empowers me at the same time only I can answer my question because I am the only one that knows how can a question arise with out there being a solution to a question one cannot exist without the other I sometimes think asking too many people who are not as curious as I am makes them uncomfortable and them to believe I’m insulting their reality. we are more deep and complex than any idea that can ever be created we are large moving energy that is able to express on scale a vacuum of molecules that negatively and positively attract l believe we unconsciously develop judgment when we have a charge to certain people that’s why when you are positively charged to someone you want to be around them all the time so when I come across those who ask and think in ways that I do that see the mundane as connecting to all that is.

  2. For me it has to do with awareness that I exist.

    Is there any finality to this search? More likely some sort of uninvited chaos that will bring the searching to end?

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