Human Development

Okay, so the words that I want to use in the context of this blog are clear now, defined on the page Basics. The next step is to describe my understanding of development.

Development as a growth in complexity that can be seen everywhere around us and which is perfectly reflected in the cycle of the zodiac.

Now the words and concepts that I want to use here are especially chosen for the human development.

A word like vision, that I will use for sagittarius, is an aspect of the archetypical image of that sign, but expansion is also an aspect of that image.

The reason I chose the word vision, is because I see that as the healthy form of the polarity judgemental and withdrawal. Vision forced upon others might result in being judgemental and vision turned inside might result in withdrawal from the world.

The astrological concept of sagittarius is the beginning of the universal part of the zodiac, as the concept of leo is the beginning of the individual part, and aries the beginning of the primordial part.

The universal part means that the individual is becoming aware of being part of a bigger whole. And so the sign sagittarius is also the image of travelling and philosophy.

integralFor the dividing in four, I use the words from integral theory. That is, I use the words objective and subjective, but instead of individual and collective, I chose personal and impersonal.

The reason for that there a some words that are used in Integral that are the same as in astrology, but the meaning of the words are a bit different. So to use the words personal and impersonal is meant to differ between under the horizon and above as in astrology.

But all that does not yet say anything about the individual human development, as I think that is something that is not necessary something that is developed already. It is very well possible to have a development that does not include the selfrealisation that is part of the individual development.

zodiacAnd the signs that I see as Individual are so, only potential. A sign like virgo has the potential to develop individual skills that are a result of an inner drive, but can also symbolise being the perfect servant of someone else.

The individual signs are leo (individual spirit), virgo (individual body), libra (individual mind) and scorpio (individidual soul), which I call expression, function, reflection and integration.


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