Defining Spirit and Soul

Soul is one of those words with many different meanings. Everyone has his own interpretation of that word. Another one of those words is spirit, which is often used where someone else might use soul.

And others might not use those words at all, because there is no actual ‘thing’ that can be measured.

The way I want to use those words in the context of this blog, is in the language of the zodiac. And I will use the zodiac mainly to describe the human development.

First the zodiac has 3 very different areas. They have the centre of the individual and besides that there is the pre and trans phase. So the phase before becoming an individual and the phase that takes into account more than the individual self. The phase before becoming an individual is called ‘primordial. And the trans phase is called ‘universal’.

When describing ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’ they first have to be seperated. The soul and spirit both have partly the same charcteristics and both have different characteristics. What they share is the fact they are both invisible, both can not be measured. They are only potential, have no structure (yet).

But they are also very different. They are like yin and yang. One is active where the other is passive. One is positive and the other is negative.

So although they are opposite to each other, they also have another oppostite. For the ‘potential yin’ part there is also a ‘structured yin’ part. It is the sign that is opposite in the zodiac, the sign that complements.

But besides the opposite of negative/positive, yin/yang, passive/active on one side, and the complement of each sign in the sign that is opposite in the zodiac, there is another way of opposition.

It is like the transformation from energy into matter or the other way around. I use here body, spirit, mind and soul, but it is based upon matter, energy, language and psyche.

There is more about that in on the page Language and Psyche.


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