Perceiving Music

The blog that came next was the one that gave the biggest struggle, but it is the blog I love the most. Well, until now than. It was the first blog I was selfhosting. No idea why I wanted to do that exactly, but somehow it felt right to just get it started. Very exciting as I actually had no idea what I was doing.

I found some interesting videos (how to become a blogger or something like that) that showed step by step what I had to do. I already had a host for my website which was cheap but good, so I used it also for my blog. With the help of the videos I managed to get it all working and got a look at the enormous amount of possibilities such a blog had.

So at that time it was a very exciting exploring of everything WordPress had to offer (loved all the themes and the plugins) and a frightening phase of having to write.

While listening to the music of Camel I knew that this music was telling the story that I wanted to write about. Of course that is the story that I perceived from their music, maybe not intended like that.

But while listening to the music, watching the videos, reading the history of the band, looking at the lyrics, analysing the albums, reading reviews and discussing on a music forum it became more and more clear to me that it was the perfect manifestation of how I consider human development.

I tried to write about that, but it was really very difficult. I never wrote as much in my whole life as I did in the first months of this year. And still did hardly get a fraction of what I wanted to say on paper. From some posts I have about a dozen drafts, but the final result is to cluttered and chaotic to make much sense.

And I might want to rewrite it all some day, but at this point it still would be to hard. I wrote about 6 posts in 3 months or so. It was exhausting, but really very exciting at the same time.

I might have continued the writing, but in April I was away for a few months. I travelled through Europe as a supporter of a group runners that wanted to run from the south of Italy, Bari, to the very north of Norway, the Northcape. It was a journey would last 64 days with a total of 4500 km.

So this blog stopped at that point, but another one was born, FootRace.


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