Learning to Write

When we got back from our travel through Europe, I knew one thing for sure. I wanted to keep on blogging.

I wanted to blog about a subject that I found out was the core of all my interests, but was difficult to write about, human development.

That was the subject that came back every time, with each blog. But it was (and still is) very difficult to write about how I see that. There is a similarity in the periodic table as well there is a similarity with astrology, with Integral theory and with the music of Camel. And I desperately wanted to write about that, but just did not know how.

I wanted to use the graphics from my website in my blog, so that I could make it better clear. But that was a huge problem as the website was not compatible with WordPress blogs.

And that had nothing to do with the WordPress blog, as it had to do with the website I had built. That website was also a stranger on my own computer, I could never save or find a file outside the webdesign program itself.

So I wanted a new program to make graphics that I could use on my blog. And I found PaintNet to be exactly what I was looking for, although it took a while before I could use it a bit easy.

In te meantime I had started a challenge, NaBloPoMo, to write one blogpost each day, because I wanted to force myself to learn writing a bit easier. So I posted each day but most of the time did not get done what I wanted to do. Which was to compare those theories.

But it did learn me to write a whole lot easier. Not that I ever will become a real writer, as my writing is more a collections of words for each concept I want to cover. And will never be a flowing river (if only) but the challenge did learn me to loosen up, to write anyway, even if it was not exactly how I intended it. I could always adjust, change and alter what I had posted and write new and better posts.

And when the challenge was almost over I started another blog, this one, because I really wanted to get my own domain.


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