Designing my Website

The first step I took to start creating my own webspace was by making a website, Homeopathicelements. Before that I was more of a reader on the web. Not just on the web, also of many books.

But it was not always like that. When I was young I hardly ever read a book. And if I did, it needed a lot of pictures to be of any interest for me. I hated school and never was interested in learning.

Until I got to a design school for fashion. From that moment on I loved learning. I loved all the classes, but especially those of art history. And after a while, when fashion did not interest me much anymore, arthistory still had very much my interest.

That interest lead me to many other interests and suddenly one day I found myself reading every spare minute. If you could not find me I was most likely in the library, and bringing as much books home as I could carry.

Non of them, or hardly any, was a novel. It where only books about ‘life’ especially philosophy, psychology, art, music and science. I loved those writers who could write about a subject, like gravity, in a way that I more or less could understand it.

After that I got interested in homeopathy and astrology. I studied both very deeply and came to see them as similar on a very deep level. Homeopathy had my interest at the level of the basic elements in nature, the periodic table, and astrology was mainly interesting to me on an archetypical level.

I had been thinking about it for years to get it a bit more understandable for myself, but it was not before I could work with a simple webdesign program that I could get it visual clear.

It was the development of the periodic table compared with the development of the zodiac and both with the development of the human individual.

Later on I recognised it also in the theories of Integral theory, but that was after starting the website and the first blog.

From then on I worked on my website every day. Every spare minute and until deep at night I was designing it. The colours, the navigation, figuring out webhosting, uploading and so on. Very exciting!

Later on I found out that the program I used, Studio Webdesign, was perfect for what I wanted to do, but it was not suitable for using on other sites and blogs. That I found out when I made the next step in creating my webspace, starting a blog.


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