Blogging with Discussion

The next step was my Gaia blog. I had been blogging for a few months and had gone through about 70 elements of the periodic table. It was still a lot fun to do, but I also would like more interaction. And at best on several subjects that had my interest especially philosophy.

I had been on several forums, but my real interest at that time was on Gaia. It is a community with lots of really interesting people and the discussions where very lively, controversial but at the same time respectful.

And you could make a profile and a blog as a sort of centre on that site. In the beginning I did not blog because I had my own WordPress blog, but after a while I found out how easy it was to upload a video from Youtube. So I started searching for my favourite music, which was mainly classical at that point. And I got a great collection on my blog there and an interesting interaction with other bloggers.

That was the beauty of that community, you could discuss easy on the different forums but also often got a very interesting discussion on the blogs, with many linking to other interesting blogs.

But while searching for music on Youtube I found many live videos of Camel, a progressive rockgroup that I had been listening to a lot before I got interested in classical music. I always loved their music, had many of their albums and saw them live twice, but lost track at some point when I got into classical music.

But now I saw many of their live performances and was completely blown away by it. Spellbound and really taken over by music at that point. And I started a new blog, well two actually, one with videos and one where I try to find out what it is about music.


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