The Meaning of Values

How Creativity is Blocked by the Need for Approval

Make the Quantum World Understandable

The importance of Individual Experience

Creativity beyond Praise and Criticism

Free Will Between Inclination and Duty

The Physical, Aesthetical and Moral Stage of Development

Basic Ground for the Meaning of Life

The Paradox of Civilization and the Shadow Carried by All

Beneath the World of Logic

The Difference between a Problem and a Paradox

Inner Drive or Navigation from Outside

The Development of Creativity

The Difference between Integrity and Honesty

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  1. i found this website buried in the matter with things part ii by Iain McGilchrist a lookup of bohm page 1393 referencing../an-interview-with-david-bohm-english-part-3/ and hope to find it here.
    c elliott

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